Monday, 23 July 2012

How To: Set Up A Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog!

Hey!  Just a quick one today, I want to get out and enjoy at least a little bit of this lovely sunshine we've had today after being stuck in a boiling hot office! 

Onto the tutorial...
When I posted about my new facebook page specifically for my blog, a couple of you said you'd like a "How To" tutorial on how to set up an actual page on facebook rather than just a normal account. 

You can just set up a page from your normal personal facebook account.

Here we go...

1. Log in to facebook using your normal account.
3. I chose to use 'Cause or Community as the type of page. As I think of blogging as a community.

4. Once you have clicked this, a box will come up that looks like the one below, Type in the name of your blog in the box where I have typed "Laura's All Made Up Beauty Blog 2" 
Then tick the box to agree to Facebook Page Terms (Obviously we all read terms and conditions before agreeing to them! haha)
& Then click 'Get Started' 

5. The screen shown below will then appear, choose what you want your profile photo to be. I chose a picture of myself for this, as you can use your facebook cover photo to represent your blog title etc. Then Save Photo.

6.  a) Click onto the 2.About Tab. To edit your pages general information.
b)Type a small description of your blog & what it's about.
c) Type your blogs link in the website box.
d) You can add some other links to your twitter page etc when you click 'Add another site'

Then hit "Save Info" to continue.

7. After that, your page is now set up and ready for you to use. 
Once you arrive at your new page, Facebook will then show you a few pop up ideas to help you finish setting up and edit your information! 

8. I used my the same photo that I used on my blog header for my facebook timeline cover photo. I think this just ties up the theme together for the two :) 

9. Just a quick note, to switch between your page and your normal account you click on the drop down arrow next to the "Home tab on the facebook nav bar. 

& There you have it, a Facebook page specifically set up for your Blog.

I use mine as a place to store all the photo's I upload to my Blog as a backup. You can also use it to reach out to more readers.

Hope you found this helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions.
I'm happy to help! :) 


  1. Thats such a great tutorial. I was wondering about how to do it the other day and you've just helped out massively.

    C x

  2. Yay!! Thank you Laura! I've been dreading this without a tutorial!

    1. No problem! I just had to do a tutorial after you mentioned you'd like to see one!

      Glad to have helped :)


  3. please could you tell me how you done the twitter button thingy i cant seem to put it on my blog thanks

    1. I actually used photoshop to make the button image myself, but used the twitter logo from Twitter itself! All you need to do is, go to blogger, layout, add a gadget, picture,choose the image you want to use as your button, then in the same window box, use the link option to connect it to your twitter page, then upload and save :)

      Hope this helps, not too sure how to explain without using pictures haha! xx

  4. Great post Laura! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Followed you back, look forward to your posts.

    Lilla x

  5. wow thanks for the turtorial! i wonder how to add it.. i would add it soon
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?

  6. great tutorial! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog earlier!

    Melissa @ The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife