Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barry M Chameleon Pink 330

Barry M Chameleon Pink is one of 3 new nail paints recently released in their Chameleon range. 

"Magical Chameleon Nail Effects Mean You Have Two Colours In One!"
- Barry M

It is a light pink colour with a metallic finish to begin with. When you apply a clear top coat it turns a sheer purple colour. The paint itself is very good quality and provides fantastic coverage, the above photos are shown with just one coat of the paint and they are completely opaque. The level of colour you get with the chameleon colour change appears to depend on how thickly the clear coat is applied.

Barry M Chameleon Pink retails for just £3.99. 
It is available in store at Boots. In store and online at Superdrug, and also from Barry M's website.

What do you think of Barry M Chameleon Pink?


  1. rather than commenting on all three posts, i thought i'd choose my fave shade out of the three to comment on ;) this is soo pretty! i love that its such a nice both with and without the chameleon affect! xxx

    1. Yes I think I actually just prefer the normal colour they start as rather than the chameleon effect afterwards haha! xx

  2. This one is also nice but I still prefer the first one( blue and silver I think)