Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barry M Chameleon Nail Paints

I have some quick swatches of the new Barry M Chameleon Nail Paints.
I'm sure some of you will be interested to see at least how they work and even if they work!? 
I must admit I bought them just because I was intrigued, and I'm sure from reading my blog so far you'll have noticed I'm pretty obsessed with new nail varnishes :)

So, to start with, there are 3 colours in the Chameleon Range and I must admit they are rather pretty colours even on their own, without the effect.

 The packaging of the polishes is typical of the usual Barry M nail paints, the clear bottles make easy work of seeing what shade is inside. The only difference being the special coloured lids, which show not only the colour of the actual polish, but also the colour which the polish turns after the chameleon effect! 

 The colours are Chameleon Pink 330, Chameleon Blue 331, and Chameleon Lilac 332.

 I love each of the shades, and although they are of a metallic look they are suitable and light enough to wear in the summer months instead of being dark and dull wintery shades  (like the recent releases of the Magnetic polishes).

Above are the swatches of each shade with one coat on each nail. 
You can clearly see how great the coverage of these polishes are, just one coat and completely opaque, if I did have to pick one fault it would probably be the brush strokes that are left behind due to the thickness of the paint.

Although it does recommend on the instructions on the side of the bottle to use a base coat, I forgot!(Don't shoot me, please). However, I gave it a go without.

  I then found out my Barry M 3 in 1, Base Coat, Top Coat and Hardener, in Clear 54. This is what I used to create the effect on top of the paint.

 Instructions: 1. Apply a basecoat and then apply one coat of your chameleon nail paint and allow to dry 
2. Apply second coat and allow to dry 
3. Create a design with your clear nail paint and watch it change colour

All I did was wait for the coat of each paint to dry, and then brushed one coat of the Clear paint straight down the middle of each nail, the effect began to appear instantly, I was really impressed with the outcome. 

Chameleon Pink goes from a metallic pink shade, to a sheer purple colour.
Chameleon Blue goes from a blue metallic look to a sheer burgandy colour.
& Chameleon Lilac, goes from a light lilac shade to a sheer blue/purple colour.

I must admit these polishes are great fun, and I'm sure the possibilities are endless for the amount of designs that could be created with these! 

The Barry M Chameleon Polishes retail for £3.99.

They are available from Boots (Currently only in store)
Superdrug, in store and online. 
& Also online at Barry M's website.

I will do a separate post on each of the shades with a couple of designs.
What do you think of these polishes?


  1. I love the metallic look to these polishes! Barry m is amazing!

  2. these look so cool, lovely photographs! xx

  3. Wow they look so cool! I may have to buy these too :) thanks for letting us know xx

  4. whoa check out the coverage!!

  5. these look so ace! hadnt heard of them before this post- thanks! xxx

  6. Wow they are so cool!! I have to try them:) I really like the lilac one!
    Why had I not heard about these before?! Thanks so much for the post<3

  7. i have just bought the lilac one thinking it would look diff colours in the light but i have to admit i generally wear top coat over nail varnish so its hard not wearing it or wearing it in one stripe.