Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review: Rio Quick Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions

Today I've got a review on the Rio Quick Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions Kit. This is a product I have been using for a while now, so have plenty of experience using it.  If you want professional salon look nails but without the price tag, this kit is definitely worth a go! 

This kit uses the newly developed acrylic dipping powder to give you natural looking nails quickly and easily. Acrylic nails are the most common nail extension method however this kit simplifies the normal method used in salons to make it easy for you to use at home properly.

Who Can Use This Kit?

This kit can be used by anybody. (Note that it's recommended for Age 14 & Over) I'd say this kit would be ideal for people who struggle to grow their own natural nails, or if you have weak/brittle nails. As it will provide you with strong, durable, natural looking nails in no time at all!

Even if you've never tried anything like this before on your nails (I hadn't when I first started using it) its very easy and comes with an instruction booklet and step by step DVD which are both really helpful and easy to follow. Although I should tell you, first time, this took me around 2 hours to finish, due to reading and re-reading instructions carefully, but now it takes me just 30 mins! 

What's Included:
• Natural Style Nail Extensions, Resin, Acrylic Powder, Nail Glue, Activator Spray, 2 in 1 Top Coat, 3 Stage Buffing Files, Grit File, Sanding Block, Hoof Stick & Spare brushes(for the resin).
• Step by Step instruction booklet.
• Easy to follow DVD, with a few extra tips and techniques included for nail art etc.

What I recommend:
Purchase a nail extension clipper. You can buy one of these from eBay HERE, for just £1.69.
I recommend this because it just makes cutting the nail tips a little easier.
Buy some White Nail Extensions, the ones that come with the kit are natural look and I didn't particularly like the way they turned out, and felt like I had to put a coloured varnish on top to make them look nice. You can purchase a bag of the white nail tips also from ebay HERE, for just £2.99 +P&P.

*The above 2 items are not essential but are just my preference.*

How To Use:

Before starting using the kit, I do highly advise you to read through the instruction book at least once, and watch the DVD through, this will give you an idea of the process. Allow at least a few hours to give yourself plenty of time! Make sure you have plenty of space to work in and to lay things out around you.

Lay out all the items including resin, nail glue, powder etc around you. Match up your nails to the correct size nail tips and lay them out in order in front of you. Make sure you cover the surface with a towel or disposable cover.

 File back your natural nail to about 3mm equal length all round using the grit file provided.

Preparing your nails is extremely important, if not done properly you will find that the extensions will start to lift from your natural nail. Remove your jewellery. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
Push back your cuticles. Then use the sanding block to lightly buff the nail surface. Wipe away any dust with a tissue. Your nails are now ready to begin! ....

 Use the nail glue and apply a thin layer to the bottom well area of the nail tip, then match the well up to your natural nail. Hold in position until glue is dry. You should apply the tips to all 5 nails on one hand. 
(You will find that it is easier to work on one hand at a time).

 Use the nail clipper to cut the nail down to roughly the length you require. (I always cut to over the length I need, because you can always file down afterwards.)

 These are my nails after using the clippers. You can see that they cut straight across.

 I then use the grit file to file them into the shape I require. I always round off the corners.

 You then need to apply a layer of the resin across the whole nail and tip. Leave about a 1mm gap at the base of the nail by the cuticle. Wait for this coat to completely dry, then apply a second coat....

 While the second coat is still wet, dip your nail fully into the acrylic powder, then remove. Brush off any excess with a cotton bud or tissue, or even use one of the spare resin brushes provided. You will then need to apply a 3rd coat of resin, and allow to partly dry.

While the resin coat is part dry, spray the activator spray over all nails, completely covering each one. You can then apply 1 or 2 coats of the top coat provided to give a lovely glossy finish.

That's it, one hand done! Repeat the above steps on your other hand. Then wash your hands, and moisturise to prevent the skin around the nails from drying out too much. 



Availability & Price?
I purchased this kit from Argos in store, or you can order online HERE
For a fantastic price of just £19.99.
While searching online I also found a few other beauty related online stores selling it for the same price.
So you can see its widely available.

Considering that you would probably pay at least £20 a time at the salon, and you could easily get 2 uses out of this kit with the extensions provided, you will then just need to pay for some new tips to continue using) I think this kit is very reasonably priced.

What do you think? Let me know below...

Go on, give it a go! For gorgeous, professional looking nails! :)


  1. I would be scared of doing this but you have made it look really easy and your nails don't have that stubby look that people sometimes have :) great job-good post

    Tanesha x

    1. I was a little scared at first, but thought hey why not, if it goes wrong, you just remove them :)

      You should give it a go, it does get much easier the more you do them :)

      Thank you for reading xxx

    2. yeah I just might if I don't succeed in getting my nails back to a healthy state where they don't break all the time :)

      Tanesha x

  2. They look fantastic, easily as good as what you would pay for at a salon. Do you think they will be difficult to remove? Really great post, I am definitely interested in trying these out they look lovely on you. I have tagged you in my recent blog post, hope you get round to doing it :) x

    1. Well I have done them about 10 times now, and to remove them, you buy a bottle of acetone, easy to get hold of. You just cut down the nails as much as possible and then soak them in the actone, takes between 10-20 mins to remove completely :)

      Thank you for tagging me, I'll do it as soon as I can!! :) xx

  3. Great post! Great blog you have here! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    1. Used this kit many times,so easy to use,takes no time to apply after first time,looks salon standards.LOVE THEM.

  4. You did a great job looks professionally done!

  5. Wow it looks great, the price is affordable...I'm really tempted to get this <3

    1. The price is fab for the uses you get out of it! :)

  6. wow you've done a great job!can't believe this kit is so cheap xx

  7. That was the first ever acrylic set I bought & loved it :) very easy to use although the smell isnt too appealing which is a shame

    btw I found you on mimikas blog hop!


  8. wow, these look so so good! i'm definitely going to try something similar! :)xo

  9. Wow ive never seen a post like this before, im tempted to try it out now!! x

  10. I've bought this I've not used it yet though but i was wondering how many uses you got out of the one kit? your nails looks great thanks for the very useful review :)

  11. I have just bought the resin separate can i use it with normal clear acrylic powder

  12. Just wondering how many times u can use kit ? N wen u run out naily can u buy nails just or have get kit again