Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: Derma V10 Foam Colour Dark Red Brown

Hey :) 

I mentioned in my post the other day that I was getting pretty sick of my horrible multi coloured ginger,brown,blonde hair and I was planning to dye it. 

A couple of you said you would like to see how it turned out so here we go... 

 I picked a colour that I have used before which is the Derma V10 Dark Red Brown. However, this was the first time I've used the foam version. But I'm so glad I did, because it was so much easier than normal hair dyes! 

 As I say I've used this colour before, so I knew that my hair wouldn't go the shade that's shown on the box, it would be a little too vibrant for my skin colouring if it did!

This is everything you get in the box; foam colour developer and colourant, foam pump, gloves, and conditioner, also the insructions which you should read thoroughly before beginning.

 Before I started, I used my little secret and smothered Vaseline all around my hair line. This is so that in case you do get any hair dye on your face around your hair, it won't sink in to your skin, and is easy to wash off without staining!

I just started with a massive pile of the foam in the palm of my hand and started massaging it thoroughly into my hair. I loved how easy this was to cover my hair fully with minimal effort, & it didn't drip everywhere!
 When on my hair the foam actually turned a shocking blood red! Which did worry me slightly, but it was all fine afterwards. 

I even had enough hair dye left over from 2 boxes to dye my hair extensions! Normally I need 3 bottles of normal hair dye, but the foam seemed to go a long way. I covered a surface with an old towel and some cling film, and dyed my extensions on that.

I left my hair and the extensions to colour for 30 minutes, then washed, conditioned and dried! 


As you can see my hair was all sorts of different colours, and my roots looked awful, and my hair looked really dry and damaged. 

Shinier, brighter, multi tonal healthier looking hair! :)

What do I think?
I will definitely be purchasing this hair dye again! One bottle of the foam goes a long way compared to normal liquid hair dyes. Also, the smell wasn't overpowering like some dyes. And once dyed, the conditioner that is provided gives the hair a lovely fruity scent. 

Price & Availability?
Each box of the Derma V10 Foam Colour costs just £1.99! And they are available at Bodycare stores.

Do you like my new hair colour? Do you prefer to use foam colour or normal dyes?


  1. I think it came out great, looks very natural and the color looks really nice on you!

    A Little Lacey


  2. Ooh, love the colour! It looks so much healthier - and a bargain price too! x

  3. The new colour gives your hair so much life - i love the tip about vaseline too, will bear that in mind :) x

  4. That's a lovely colour hun & such a bargain price! X :-)

  5. LOVE the new colour! this is a great post, that vaseline tip is great!
    nicola xxx

  6. looks lovely... and at such a bargain price? its a keeper *.*

  7. Great review!
    I always wondered if foam was easier to use.
    I like your new hair colour a lot !
    Also I have the same hairline trick C:

  8. This colour looks gorgeous on you! I'm too scared to try doing my own hair colour. I bet I'd mess it up somehow :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  9. that looks really good xx

  10. I am about to try this stuff and bought 2 packs for my long hair. If you are like me, I put vaseline over all of my outer ears too as they are the bits that always get really stained. lol. I am impressed though. Looks good. For the price it is a total bargain.

  11. Hey there .. I have just brought this product and will dye my hair soon.
    Btw how long does it stay? and is one bottle enough for medium hair. ?