Sunday, 10 June 2012

Magazine Freebies July. Benefit, Ciate, Body Shop, Jemma Kidd,Leighton Denny

Just thought I'd share with you a few of the amazing freebies that I've found with the July Editions of Magazines! Best months freebies I've seen in a while! Enjoy, and go grab yourselves a bargain if you haven't already :)

Marie Claire have teamed up with Ciaté to bring us these 3 fantastic nail varnishes as freebies.
You get 1 x varnish free with each magazine. 
The mag costs just £3.70, and the varnishes are worth around £9 each.
I picked up all 3, I love the Ciaté varnishes!

Glamour have teamed up with Benefit to offer a choice of 3 of their products with each mag!
POREfessional pore minimiser, "that gal" primer & BAD gal lash mascara.
This is an absolute bargain as the magazine is only £2.
The products are worth between £10-15 each! 
I picked up all 3 as Benefit products are such good quality and so worth the money.

Other freebies which I've noticed...

Bazaar have teamed up with Leighton Denny to offer 1 of 3 nail varnishes free with each mag!
Each nail varnish is worth £11, I think the magazine is around the £4 mark. 
I've heard lots of good reviews on the Leighton Denny varnishes, I may go and get the beige colour.

Instyle have teamed up with The Body Shop to offer a choice of 2 freebies with this months mag!
There is either a mascara, or 2 eyeliners(black and blue).
The magazine is £3.80. In Total the 3 products are worth £26. 

Red are offering a choice of 2 Jemma Kidd Makeup School products with this months mag!
Either Glamour Volume Mascara or Define Eyeliner, and together they are worth £26.
The magazine costs just £3.90.

Hope you've enjoyed this post. If I find any more freebies I'll be sure to let you know!
Now go out and spoil yourselves! :)


  1. So jealous you got all of the glamour freebies, all I want is the Bright Gal, but can not find it anywhere :(

    Laura xoxo

  2. I know, I've noticed they've been selling out super fast!

    Have you tried WH Smith? I know it sounds like an obvious place to look, but they always seem to have more stock than anywhere else when I'm looking! :)


  3. I picked up the Glamour one as soon as I saw it! Love benefit. Tempted to get a Marie Claire for the polish too :) x

    1. They've been flying off the shelves, good job you grabbed it quick! :)

      The colours of the Ciate polishes are gorgeous! Definitely recommend the lilac and pink!


  4. There really was some great freebies this month! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier xxx

    1. There really have been, I'm hoping to try and get my hands on a couple of the Bazaar mags when I get paid too!

      No problem. Thank you for having a look at my blog too xx

  5. I almost bought a Glamour mag! But I went for Company magasine instead! I love your blog! I’m following you! Follow back?


    1. Thank you for following!!

      Oh I haven't even noticed the company mag this month, were there any freebies with it?

      You should definitely try out the porefessional one, I hadn't tried it before, but its a great product!

      Laura xx

  6. Great buy on that Ciaté nail polishes. Pretty genius I must say! Indirect discounts :D
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & to even follow me!
    Followed you back!
    Much love :) xx

    1. Always worth checking out the magazine freebies. Just looks a little odd when you arrive at the till with quite a few copies of the same magazine. Certainly get a few funny looks! But hey, its worth it :)

      No problem. You have a lovely blog. Thank you for returning the follow!

      Its always nice to know theres people out there who appreciate the time you put into your blog...

      Laura xx

  7. Such great freebies!!
    We have similar gifts with our fashion magazines here in Japan but not make-up or nail polish. Mostly designer bags, etc.
    If you're ever interested in a mag swap let me know :)